Allure EC-Smart-Sensor-100

Allure EC-Smart-Sensor-100

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Two-Line LCD Display Communicating Sensors

  • Communicating sensor for VAV, fan coil, roof top, heat pump, unit ventilator, and room control applications for use with Distech Controls configurable LONWORKS controllers
  • LCD screen displays real-time values such as temperature, setpoint, occupancy status, HVAC mode, and more
  • Can be used as a handheld tool with air balancing menus to perform VAV air flow balancing without the aid of an onsite building automation system control engineer
  • Configure, commission, and troubleshoot locally with built-in LON network port providing access to the LONWORKS network

Allure EC-Smart-Sensor-100

  • Monitor space temperature
  • Setpoint adjustment
  • Occupancy override