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M53 K4/4 DLS

M53 K4/4 DLS

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Improved Travel Stop - Allows the actuator to stop off the pinion rather than the pistons.  The standard actuator will have 100 degrees of travel with +5 or -5 degrees of adjustment on the open and close stop. The forged steel travel stop can be machined to any length of travel.

New "Top Hat" Thrust Bearing Design - The thrust bearing provides the largest pinion bearing surface in the industry. This upgraded thrust bearing limits friction between the actuator body and pinion, increases durability by absorbing side-load forces, and extends the cycle life of pinion O-Rings.

Increased Tooth Engagement - A minimum of two teeth are engaged at all times during the stroke for consistent torque output and accuracy.

M53 K4/4 DLS

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