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Edwards Signaling



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Edwards 95 Series xenon strobe beacons with
integrated horns are combination visual and
audible signaling devices, suitable for use in
indoor or outdoor applications. The base is cast
and can function as a junction box. The double
fresnel lens is made of shatter-resistant
polycarbonate and optically engineered to
maximize light distribution and viewing distance.
Trigger and timing circuits are included as integral
parts of the power supply. Replacement costs are
reduced, as it is necessary to replace only the
strobe tube.
Features and Specifications
• Strobe light source with integrated horn
• Flash rate 65 fpm
• Shatter-resistant double fresnel
polycarbonate lens
• High resistance to shock and vibration
• Cast base can function as a junction box
• Suitable for use in indoor and outdoor
• For outdoor applications, must be mounted on
conduit with lens facing up.
• Horn is 95dB at 1 meter/85dB at 10ft.
• Option for panel, conduit or wall mounting
• Operating temperature range: -31ºF to 150ºF
(-35ºC to 66ºC)
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