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Allure EC-Sensor-O

Allure EC-Sensor-O

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Temperature Sensors

The Allure EC-Sensor series are versatile room temperature sensors. All Allure EC-Sensor models possess an integrated temperature sensor for precision local temperature sensing.

  • Slim, compact style, and clean lines are well received by architects and building owners.
  • Onboard Local Area Network (LAN) jack is accessible without removing the cover to allow quick access to the network for commissioning or troubleshooting controllers.
  • For people working outside of core hours, an occupancy control extends normal system operating hours for continued comfort while saving energy when possible. Occupancy status is shown with a LED indicator.
  •  Accurate temperature monitoring while some models have setpoint override for increased individual comfort.

Allure EC-Sensor-O

  • Monitor space temperature
  • Occupancy override
  • LED (Occupancy)
  • Communication jack
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