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  • Up to 16 indoor units are controllable in one group
  • Backlit LCD display in English, French, or Spanish
  • Display of room and setpoint temperatures per 1°F/C
  • Independent cool/heat setpoints with setpoint range limits
  • Unoccupied mode with independent cool/heat setback setpoints
  • Auto-changeover mode can automatically select cool/heat mode at setpoint +-1° F (for heat pump and heat recovery systems)
  • Built in 7, 5+2, 5+1+1 Weekly Schedule Timer with up to 5 actions per day with independent cool/heat or setback setpoints
  • Temperature sensor in the lower right of remote controller for more comfortable room temperature control
  • Constantly monitors the system for malfunctions with immediate display of fault location and condition
  • 48 hour clock/calendar backup
  • Backwards compatible with current DIII-net for retrofit applications
  • Can be combined with a secondary controller for dual operation


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