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Landscape 12V AC / DC: Luna (Warm White / Cold White)

Landscape 12V AC / DC: Luna (Warm White / Cold White)

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Color Temperature


SS12714----WWC / CWC


Model Number:
  • SS12714----WWC : Button (Warm White)
  • SS12714----CWC : Button (Cold White)
Product Features
  • Capable of voltage drop from 7V AC to 14V AC
  • Easy Connection (Waterproof Connectors Included)
  • 2ft Wire
Compatible Transformers
  • 25W Transformer: TRF103025----C
  • 88W Transformer: TRF100088----C
  • 120W Transformer: TRF101120----C
  • 300W Transformer: TRF102300----C
Comes together with Matt and Transparent Lenses
    Multiple Colour Covers Available
      Tech Specs
      Material: Polycarbonate Shell with Polycarbonate lens
      Power (W): 4W
      Lumen (lm): 160
      Life Span (hrs): 25,000
      Integrated LED: Yes
      Type of LED: Bridgelux
      IP Rating: IP65
      Life Span (hrs): 25,000
      Size (inch): W: 3.9 inches (100mm) D: 1.9 inches (48mm)
      Input Voltage: 12V AC/DC
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