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RING PVC BLUE 16-14 5/16" SM. RING 100PK

P.V.C. Plastic Insulated Sleeve

PVC (Butted Seam) terminals and splices feature a rigid Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) insulation sleeve permanently attached to butted seam barrel (in #22-10) or brazed-seam PVC (in #22-2). Attaches to wire with one quick crimp. Insulation sleeve prevents vibration damage by not allowing wire flex at point of crimp. Funnel wire entrance into electrical barrel eliminates wire strand “hangup”, increases crimping rates and wire termination reliability*. Operating Temperature Range: continuous duty from -67˚F to 221˚F (-55˚C to 105˚C).

* Step construction provides ideal locator for proper crimping.

** Temp Rating 75˚C


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