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Synchronization Output Module

Standard Features

  • Provides UL 1971-compliant auto-sync output for visual signals

Use for connecting a supervised output circuit to a supervised
24 Vdc riser input and synchronizing multiple notifi cation appliance

  • Functions as an audible signal riser selector

Use as a synch module or for connecting supervised 24 Vdc Audible/Visible
signal circuits, or 25 and 70 VRMS Audio Evacuation
and Telephone circuits to their power inputs.

  • Automatic device mapping

Signature modules transmit information to the loop controller
regarding their circuit locations with respect to other Signature
devices on the wire loop.

  • Electronic addressing

Programmable addresses are downloaded from the loop controller,
a PC, or the SIGA-PRO Signature Program/Service Tool;
there are no switches or dials to set.

  • Intelligent device with microprocessor

All decisions are made at the module to allow lower communication
speed with substantially improved control panel response
time and less sensitivity to line noise and loop wiring properties;
twisted or shielded wire is not required.


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